Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers

The ‘Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers’ is an interactive questionnaire for users of evidence to assess health care research studies used in health technology assessments and/or drug formulary decisions.

‘Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers’ provides the users of evidence with a personalized web-based database that will enable them to:

  1. Assess studies with the option to complete the assessment in multiple sessions
  2. Store and access their prior assessments
  3. Upload the health care studies assessed
  4. Edit, print and save the assessment report
  5. Access the website anytime, anywhere

‘Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers’ assists health care professionals and/or decision makers in reviewing the evidence. It provides guidance on the effective use of the information in published and unpublished studies to determine if they are: a) relevant to the setting/decision in question and, b) credible.

The interactive questionnaire assesses the following:

1) Observational studies:
  • Prospective observational studies
  • Retrospective observational database studies
2) Health care information synthesis studies:
  • Modeling studies
  • Network meta-analysis/indirect treatment comparison studies

Questionnaires for additional types of studies such as pragmatic trials and randomized controlled trials clinical trials will be added when available.

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